Welcome Note: SIOP Presidents
Welcome Note: SIOP Presidents

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Dear friends and colleagues,

 A quick word to say that we look forward to seeing you all in Cairo for this 13th Continental Meeting of SIOP in Africa. Following on   Marrakech’s footsteps, 2 years ago, we are heading east, to a country that many consider the cradle of civilization!

 Some of you may have grown familiar which our chosen venue during the 35th annual SIOP meeting in 2003, organized by the   tireless Professor Elhamy Rifky Abdel Khalek. On top of the iconic pyramids that crown the country’s plethora of historic   monuments and museums, we also highly recommend a visit to the CCHE – also known as 57357, or the bank account number   that accepts public donations to support one of the largest pediatric oncology center in the world. With this simple initiative, our   colleagues in Egypt have shown us that “nothing is impossible”, even in the face of protracted economic and political challenges. 

On that note, this meeting will focus on some of the many challenges that our specialty faces in countries with limited resources, and/or political instability. More importantly, we hope to discuss and inspire each other with good practices and innovative stories that demonstrate how these challenges can be overcome, despite limited resources.

In other words, this meeting will be about cross-context learning. We anticipate several presentations on how Africa developed a leadership in treatment-adapted regimens, with many success stories seen with regards to Burkett’s lymphoma, Wilms tumor or retinoblastoma amongst others. We also expect many discussions on the role of molecular biology and access to new technologies in the African context. 

This Continental Meeting of SIOP in Africa has, over the years, become a unique platform to learn and challenge each other. We are both proud and humbled to see how SIOP Africa has grown, thanks to the tremendous leadership of several individuals, many of whom will be attending the meeting.

Please mark your calendars and do not miss this fantastic meeting.

In the hopes of seeing you soon in Cairo,

Eric Bouffet
SIOP President




Message from SIOP Africa Presidents

  Dear Colleagues,                                                                                                         

 March 2019 promises to be a very eventful one! We are all looking forward to the 13th SIOP Africa Continental Meeting in Cairo. Under the able and distinguished leadership of Prof Elhamy Khalek Rifky and his team, we are assured of what promises to be not only a very academically stimulating meeting but also one that will showcase Egyptian culture at its best.


 Egypt continues to push the frontiers of Pediatric Oncology in Africa and I would urge all of you not to miss this important meeting as you   will have the opportunity to visit the world-famous Children’s Cancer Hospital, Egypt (CCHE) 57357 where some of the meeting sessions   will  be held. The academic Programme will cater for the diverse levels of childhood cancer management in Africa from the most basic to the highest level comparable to what pertains in highly advanced settings. As we strive for equity in access to the best levels of childhood cancer care in Africa, this meeting will certainly present many best practices and successful interventions that most of us will be able to learn from and incorporate into childhood cancer management in our various countries.

There will be an opportunity to strengthen collaborations and build new ones as we interact with colleagues from all over Africa and other parts of the world. From my experience, having been privileged to have visited Egypt when SIOP Congress was held there, I would recommend you add a couple of days to your stay for you to explore and enjoy the wonderful attractions Egypt has to offer.

Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Egypt, March 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Lorna Awo Renner (SIOP Africa Continental President)








 Dear Colleagues and Friends 

 It is a great pleasure to invite you all to attend the next continental SIOP meeting in Africa. This 13th edition will be held in March 2019 in   the mythical city of Cairo the capital and the heart of Egypt.

 This meeting will be an opportunity to celebrate our belonging to Africa, the cradle of humanity, rich with the exceptional youth of its   population and its cultural diversity. As Africans care for children with cancer we also face it with so many barriers and obstacles in   varying degrees, the same barriers (poverty, illiteracy, political instability, etc.) that prevent many of our children with cancer from   accessing adequate care, some have no access to care in the recent years

However, we have seen global and continental awareness in favor of children with cancer. Individual and collective initiatives have multiplied to revitalize pediatric oncology in Africa.

Since 1996, our community has been regularly meeting to share, communicate and build relationships and mutual support. Join us in Cairo and take part in this momentum with the main objective of establishing and strengthening a leadership in pediatric oncology in our continent. Let us also seize this exceptional opportunity to leave with a clear and shared vision that determines what we want to see happening in pediatric oncology in Africa for decades to come.

Therefore, I warmly thank our Egyptian colleagues for their legendary hospitality and I invite you to visit Cairo, an ancient city that also happens to be a modern metropolis, one of the biggest in the Middle East. Cairo, Al-Quahira (the triumphant), Oum El-Dounia (Mother of the world). The City of the Thousand Minarets is a splendid place to explore Egyptian history and culture ranging from the pharaohs through the Christian and Islamic periods to the Belle Époque.


Looking forward to meeting you in Cairo next March!


Laila Hessissen

SIOP Africa continental president “elect

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