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Our Sponsors & Exhibitors

About SIOP


SIOP is the only global multidisciplinary society entirely devoted to pediatric and adolescent cancer.
The society has over 1500 members worldwide including doctors, nurses, other health-care professionals, scientists, and researchers. Our members are dedicated to increasing knowledge about all aspects of childhood cancer.

SIOP’s vision is that no child should die of cancer and that cure can be achieved with no or minimal late effects.


  • By advocating globally on behalf of patients and families to ensure that every child and adolescent with cancer have access to state of the art diagnosis, treatment, and care
  • By providing training opportunities for all childhood and adolescent cancer care providers worldwide on the latest clinical and scientific advances through meetings, networking, and educational outreach for continuing professional development
  • By promoting and advancing basic, clinical, and other research, and by supporting collaborative opportunities and translating scientific discovery to improve the outcomes for children and adolescents with cancer
  • By supporting those caring for children and adolescents with cancer and to provide them with the best curative and palliative therapies
  • By advocating appropriate long-term follow-up for survivors

Objectives & Goals

  • To advocate globally for children with cancer and their families
  • To promote the participation of young professionals in SIOP activities and to encourage them to become members
  • To improve SIOP’s visibility and to improve internal and external communications
  • To focus attention on future research needs in pediatric oncology
  • To explore possible partnerships with sister societies sharing the same mission and vision, and elaborating a common agenda
  • To increase the SIOP membership to have a vibrant society which understands and fulfills the needs of its members



Children Cancer Hospital (57357)

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is an incredible project that is a true example of the goodness of mankind and what can be achieved when people work together for a common goal. Egyptians and people from all over the world and most particularly in the Arab world have contributed generously to the hospital in their wish to support change and improvement and also in their desire to contribute in any way for the future of our countries and our children, both the sick and the healthy.

Egyptians have demonstrated their generosity and their love for their children through the building of Hospital 57357 which has been built completely by donation. They have worked together since the inception of the idea of building a state of the art children’s cancer hospital to achieve the dream of a better tomorrow for our children. For, not only is this project attempting to increase the childhood cancer survival rate in Egypt from less than an estimated 40% to the Western rates of 75-80% overall survival, it is also attempting to create a new system of healthcare where management and treatment utilizing the most scientific approaches practiced today.

With 4years of operation completed, 75% overall survival has been achieved! As part of its integrated management of childhood cancers, the hospital cooperated with Modern Schools of Egypt 2000 to provide in-hospital Education for children who stay long away from their schools.




Childhood Cancer International (CCI)

The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO) is a worldwide umbrella organization of parent groups of children with cancer. ICCCPO’s mission is to share information and experience between parent groups around the world, and with all others involved in the treatment and care of children with cancer, in order to ensure the best possible access to treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. ICCCPO’s objectives are to form an international network through which its member parent organizations may share information to build better links between parents and health care professionals; to promote greater awareness and understanding of the issues and effects of childhood cancer on an international level with other health or child-related organizations such as the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP), UNICEF and WHO; to create opportunities to improve access to advances in the treatment and care of childhood cancer patients, particularly in underdeveloped nations where the best possible treatment and care are not available due to the lack of medications, facilities, information or other resources. 


About CCI Africa:

Formed in 1994, Childhood Cancer International (CCI) is recognized as the largest patient and family support organization for childhood cancer in the world, comprises of 188 parent organizations, support groups and childhood cancer-focused organizations or societies in 96 countries. We are proud of the recent announcement made on 31 January 2018 by the 142nd Session of the Executive Board of the World Health Organisation (WHO) that CCI is in official relations with the WHO. Transforming childhood cancer care, everywhere Together, we are stronger Working with partners worldwide, CCI advocates for the rights of children and adolescents with cancer. The organization envisions a world where childhood cancer is prioritized at the local and global child health and development agenda, working towards the goal that all children with cancer have access to suitable treatment and support.


Sanofi Espoir Foundation

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation was created in October 2010 to consolidate more than 20 years of commitment to national and international solidarity.

Its mission is to contribute to reducing health inequalities among populations that need it most by applying a socially responsible approach. Its action lines are focused on three key targets:

  • fighting childhood cancers in low-income countries,
  • improving maternal and newborn health,
  • Improving access to care for the most vulnerable population in France.

The Foundation naturally responds to humanitarian emergencies but focuses primarily on long-term partnerships to act on such recurrent issues as education and prevention, training and access to care.


National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Institute (NCI)- Cairo was established during the 1950s and was implemented through the great administrative efforts of Professor Ahmed Lotfi Abou El Nassr. With the same enthusiasm, Professor Ismail El Sebai introduced radical surgery for cancer and trained a large group of Egyptian surgeons. Thanks to their efforts, Oncology was recognized as a separate specialty by Cairo University in 1959. It included a hospital with 270 beds which was built in the sixties and started operating in 1969. Manpower Included 40 medical staff members as well as, 150 supporting and nursing staff serving in the first year of operation about 5,700 new cases and 8,000 outpatient visits. NCI wishes to control of cancer in Egypt through developing and maintaining integrated quality programs in patient care, research, education, and prevention. They are committed to the multidisciplinary approach in cancer management in which different treatment modalities cooperate rather then compete. Professional and public educations are vital to solve the problem of the late presentation of patients. NCI hospital of 550 beds developed in stages. It is now the largest cancer hospital in the Middle East. This project received valuable support from USAID program of the American government, the European Union, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)



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